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    ~100 per motor, ~100 per driver.

    If you do a search for VEXTA 5 phaseon eBay. Just had a quick look and as I said they vary a lot, there is a braked motor on there at the moment for 130 with offers, and drivers similarly priced.

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    Take off the head.
    Weigh it.
    Get a gas strut that is rated just a little more than the weight of the head.
    Or get 2 struts that add up to the weight when combined.

    The head on my little X2 weight about 15kg so I went with a 20kg strut. Works.
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    Not sure if this helps but ..

    I am converting a smaller mill and one of the options I have is to use a pneumatic cylinder fixed to the rear of the column and pulley on top with a steel cable connecting to the head. The cylinder will connect to a small pressure vessel, and a pressure gauge. When filled with compressed air at the correct pressure the weight can be offset.

    The advantage this offers is that assistance is pretty much constant over the full range of head positions (ratio of cylinder displacement to air tank volume), the amount of assistance can be varied by adjusting the air pressure, and there is no damping of the movement (subject to size of pneumatic connection between cylinder and tank). If damping is needed just restrict the flow of compressed air between the cylinder and pressure vessel.
    This doesn't solve the inertia of head movement (dynamic load) issue but goes a long way to improving the static loads. Additionally it significantly reduces the bending load on the column.

    It is also possible to overcompensate the load such that the stepper drives the tool into the work and when the power fails the head rises to the top, possibly with a short damper for the last few centimeters or so.

    Best Regards

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