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    Anyone using the Tormach style TTS tooling system on a Bridgeport??

    Just looking for more repeatability in tool mounting but unsure if the TTS system is a good match for a Bridgeport.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Davek0974 View Post
    Anyone using the Tormach style TTS tooling system on a Bridgeport??

    Just looking for more repeatability in tool mounting but unsure if the TTS system is a good match for a Bridgeport.

    Yes, I used it on my KRV, was really good.

    Am out of stock at the moment but that will be rectified shortly.
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    Thats good to know, thanks

    I'm using R8 ER32 chucks at present but being they are made by different companies, they all seat slightly off so repeatability is not 100%. I think the TTS is a way forwards, even with cheaper toolholder makes due to the way it locates on the nose.

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    There is also the notion of using a straight-shank holder with a nose ring fitted to convert into a TTS style holder, Tormach even sell a conversion kit with the ring and epoxy to fix it.

    Is ER32 the way or will ER20 be up to the job? I'm not sure ER20 has enough bite on the tool shank.

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    What would be best...


    Obviously i might have to shorten the latter one as you cant fit a 100mm shank into an R8 collet :)

    The main reason for asking is that I think the first one is too short at 35mm shank???

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    I'm asking this out of ignorance - is the R8 taper and the accuracy of the shank of these tools good enough to define the position of the shank in the collet repeatably? I guess it is, it's just that because there doesn't seem to be a hard stop to set how far the "adaptor" shank goes in it doesn't feel quite right to me. I need to do the CNC conversion of my mill before I start thinking about powered drawbars and things, but the price of these things does make it look a practical proposition.

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    these are not R8, they are a 3/4" parallel shank, 1.38" long, at the end of the shank there is a 1.5" ring that locates the tool axially on the spindle nose - this is the secret to their repeatability for tool height.

    I am using R8 now and they are not bad but do vary as not all made by same maker/machine etc - on the R8 the only location is the taper for both axial and radial location. The parallel shank system has the ring for axial and the R8 collet for radial location, as the collet is tightened it draws the shank into the spindle a little and snugs the ring against the spindle nose.

    I have been looking at my tools and youtube videos etc and it seems ER20 is the best all round size, especially as i mostly play sub 1/2" tooling. The body of ER32 chucks is bulky and blocks the access for coolant when using smaller tooling.

    I have been emailing the guy in China and am in the process of getting a price for 18 ER20's, 2 ER32's and a drill chuck :)

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    Thanks - I don't use R8 collets in my machine and I assumed that the collet finished proud of the spindle end. If it disappears slightly into the spindle, I can see how these toolholders work - I had a quick look at the Tormach data sheet on the TTS and they appear to sell a custom collet for the purpose. Makes sense now!
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    With regards to locating, one key thing to understand, is R8 is a collet system, not a spindle tool holding system.

    The only reason R8 ended up being used for spindle tooling, is cheapness. It was far cheaper to equip a Bridgeport with a set of R8 collets, than a set of repeatable tool holders.
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    Fully agree m_c, I keep looking for a 30taper spindle but never seen one listed.

    I did a test yesterday, last week i made the motor mount plate for my knee conversion, some fool made the bolt slots too small ;) yesterday i threw it back in the vise, set my axes zeroes with the Haimer probe and found the Z axis DRO in Mach3 was only off by 0.013mm or about 0.0005" - at least that proves the probe R8 taper is repeatable.

    Maybe my issues are that my tool height setter uses a mock R8 socket that i turned up on the lathe - if the holders do not contact exactly the same area on this socket as they do in the spindle then I would see a height variation - this may be my issue.

    I think a relocation of 0.013mm is amazing for an old Bridgeport and totally acceptable. I need to run the same test on all tool holders when i get a chance before i order anything i think.
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