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    There is a wealth of information here The motor tuning section is relevant at this time, but it boils down to winding it up till it fails (stalls) and then pulling back a bit - like wot Nick said. Print out the Installation and Configuration Guide, full of info, but can also help with insomnia
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    One of the key fountains is right here in a sticky thread on stepper motors. Don't try and understand the maths, just use the spreadsheet. In particular note the corner speed at which the motors start to lose torque. Once you get above this speed the torque falls away rapidly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palletlad View Post
    Hi all I have set up my CNC 6040 machine now and have an issue with the motors jamming whilst manually moving them (jams and makes a high pitched noise)
    To my understanding this could be my setup of the motors but when I initially got my machine moving yesterday I moved all the motors fine with no issue so not 100% sure.

    At the moment I am just copying what others are telling me to put in mach3 settings but I would like to know what I am inputting and why so that I can better understand my machine.
    Is there anywhere particular I can look up for research material or download a book etc. and or is there sites to avoid as known for giving incorrect information?

    If you are interested my settings on the motors are on the attachment, I am not sure what else you require other than I am using 220v and all three motors have jammed.
    PS the temperature in my garage has dropped to 3 degrees I do not know if this makes any difference in the structure/performance of the machine itself.

    Kind Regards Graham
    The high pitched noise can come from stepper stalling. Try reduce acceleration to half and see if it goes away. Could also be that there are some mechanical issues, so the movement is stopped and because of too low torque, the stepper stalls and you get the high pitch noise. Very difficult to say without more details. The settings you show does not say much about the steppers and the current/voltage you feed the steppers with, or which type of steppers they are. The speed you have configured seems pretty low, but perhaps that's the maximum for your machine, perhaps it can be increased with better drivers and higher voltage.

    I have not used Mach3 for quite a while now, but the Internet is full of documentation about how to set it up and which parameter is what. I think Mach3 is THE best documented CNC software in the world, so it should not be difficult to find plenty very well written and detailed pdf documents about it. I know I had a lot of that when I was still using Mach3 and all came from the Internet.

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    Hi, Set your motor tuning to these settings both X and Y 320 1500 400 Z 400 1500 400. You should also go through all the settings on this page;
    These are generally the correct set-up for most 3020, 3040 and 6040. My machine is a 6040 and it took me ages to get it set-up so i started a blog with all the info so that people can just go through and copy the settings. Once the settings are done everything should work ok. If not, then it's probably not the settings and you may need to look at other things, but as I've said this is a good place to start from.
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    I have done the settings from your blog Kev2960 however I am now recieving external estop requested message appear. what do I look for to amend this?


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    hi have you set your control box to manual or pc
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    Have a look at this page how to set the control box
    and also;

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spindle Set-Up.jpg 
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ID:	23623

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	motor outputs.jpg 
Views:	39 
Size:	47.7 KB 
ID:	23624 Check the spindle settings
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    erm nope i forgot about that box as hidden away by my feet... I've looked at your vfd video but my vfd is the black box kind which gives me P0,1,3, D1, D2 and d3 which i know know not what to do with.

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    I don't know what settings you need for that box, but there are plenty around, you could try youtube, 6040 black box set-up or some thing similar,

    Sorry i can't help but hope you can get it sorted
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    This is how you set up the black box

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