I have two machines for sale which are a really good solid basis for conversion to a cnc router. My own machine was converted from a similar Wessel. These are VERY heavy duty machines weighing around the 500kg mark each. They are very rigid fixed gantry machines with a working area of about 540mmx450mm and 540mmx600mm. These are servo driven machines with Heidenhane glass scales (very accurate) on the X &y axis', but could easily be converted to a stepper motors. The Z axis has no encoder system and is actuated via a crank, but my own machine is has had an encoder fitted. There are no spindles or controllers with these machines. If you need a small very rigid and accurate machine these machines would fit the bill. My own machine (converted many years ago) is available for anyone to see just what it can produce. If anyone has any interest in viewing please contact me via PM or my mobile telephone no. 07540675123. Geoff.