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    I am gauging interest, if anyone is keen they will want to know more and I hope will visit my workshop.

    I am selling 3 pieces of carefully developed kit as I am not using them.

    The Concept mill was built by Concept in Bucks and sold for making coin and mint masters hence ultra precision in all axes. It is a stiff cast construction, about 200x200x200 mm envelope and bolted onto a massive granite base. It has a 35k rpm water cooled spindle with a refrigeration unit to keep the spindle cool. It runs on air bearings, and I have a brand new quiet compressor interlocked so if pressure drops it goes into e stop.
    I have just finished conversion with Mitsubishi servos and encoders plus CS Labs cpsmio controller. Full license on Mach. Touch screen control PC with wireless keyboard and marine grade trackball and handwheel. It runs, needs a few small things finishing off like graphics on the feed override switches. I bought a larger mill and found I rarely used it. I will throw in a nice machine vice. Despite all the kit footprint is small, 1.5m by 1.5m or so. I am looking for about 6k so if you want the best small machine PM me. It will fit a small van or large estate with trailer. At right price I will delver it.

    I also have a small matching Concept spark eroder and masses of spares. Both machines I bought when Concept closed. I even have the eroder oil. This can take carbon or copper electrodes of complex shapes made on the mill and sink them into tool steel in a few hours. The possibilities are endless for the right enthusiast. I know the eroder generates sparks but not tested beyond that. If someone takes the mill for 6k I will throw this in.

    And lastly I have a nice Denford Novaturn with toolchanger pc and working software. Brand new tooling set up in it. Machine has had little use in its lifetime. I am looking for 2k ish. Again after much soul searching I conclude I am doing almost everything except threads on a manual machine and those I do with dies.

    I can post pictures/video or whatever, but I think it worth anyone interested contacting me to first.

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    Hello Mitip

    Did you ever sell your NovaTurn?
    Would you consider selling the Tool Turret?



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