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    Greetings from the USA. New member and relatively new to the hobby CNC world and need some help.
    Does Anyone know of sources for the JP-1482 Spindle/Power Board?

    About 18 months ago I bought one of the Chinese 3040 3 axis CNC machines off of ebay. I've been reasonably pleased with it but of course it isn't without issues. I've managed to fix what issues I've had until now. I'm pretty sure the power supply board/spindle board is fried. I've been unsuccessful with finding a replacement. I've contacted the seller on ebay but that has been fruitless so far.

    This unit has the black control box T-D 3 axis controller with the parallel port interface. I believe I have the JP-1482 Spindle Board but I'm not completely sure. There is no model number for the board anywhere to be found. Individual components are labeled but not the actual board itself. This board does not have the 555 timer like some of the others I have seen. It looks pretty much identical to the JP-1482 spindle boards I've seen others post online. I'm assuming that is what I have.
    My board looks nearly identical to this one: https://bleughbleugh.files.wordpress...ndle-top-2.jpg

    As plentiful and similar as these 3040 Chinese machines seem I'm not having much luck locating replacement parts. The only luck I've had at al lwith my search is locating a "PW3618" Power board but I'm not sure that will even work for me. (

    Does anyone know of a source for this power/spindle board? I prefer to just swap out the board since this one seems to have been trouble from day one. I"m a bit "electrically challenged" so my main preference is to just swap in a new board and get on with life. However, I'm not afraid to try suggestions if someone is prepared to hold my hand through troubleshooting. I've posted the issues I've had below for those that think they can help an idiot like me get back up and running.

    The Issues:

    Started out with an issue where the spindle would just lose power intermittently and randomly. It would just shut off. Sometimes while running under a load. Sometimes just spinning idly without doing anything. Seemed to be a connection issue because if you'd bump the control box, turn it on its side etc it would work fine again. I opened the case and poked around checking fuses etc. After verifying all fuses were good I discovered if I pushed down lightly on the power board with things running the green led on the board would light up and power would be restored. Take the pressure off and it may or may not stay up and running. Ran like this for awhile without issue and then the problem resurfaced more consistently.

    After poking around some more I suspected the issue might be one of the fuse holders on the board. If I pushed down slightly on the fuse holder everything roared to life again. I resoldered the suspect fuse holder. I've never liked how the board only has standoffs at the four corners with no support near the middle. I added some small rubber pieces just below the fuse holders to add a bit of stability there. This "fix" worked fine for about 6 months then the issues came back. Again, if you just barely wiggled the fuse holder toward the middle of the board the spindle power would be restored. It got so bad the last project I did I had to wedge a small piece of plastic in there to keep things running. The solder joints from the last time I did this looked fine and I should have probably just left things alone and kept my low tech fix in place.

    I decided to try removing, inspecting and resoldering the fuse holder again and this time things didn't go so well. Now I just blow the input fuse where the power cord connects 1-3 seconds after starting. It blows the input fuse even if I disconnect the driver board from the circuit. I popped the fuse out of the problem fuse holder and the input fuse will still blow. Turn it on the fan spins for a couple seconds and then nothing.
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    Just a quick update: I went through things again last night and managed to find a short in the board that seems to be the cause of my issues. I'm up and running again but I'd still love to find a replacement spindle/power board if anyone knows of a source.

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