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    I am looking for suggestions, after covering my workshop in fine lime wood dust. Despite having a vacuum cutter hood on the router. Do not really want to put a permanent hard enclosure over it, but thinking somewhere along the lines of a white nylon fabric tent enclosure, possibly with a plexiglass front window of some description.
    If you have been here, I would be grateful for any advice.
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    Curtains are regularly used in industry for dust control and to ensure extraction has the best efficiency where used.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    In my workshop (woodwork) I have a dust filter that hangs from the ceiling, this just circulates air through a filter and gathers the atmospheric dust. When I first got it I really noticed a massive reduction in the dust left on the surfaces after I had been working, it has a timer so you can leave it on for a bit after you leave but i normally run it all the time I am in there.

    They are quite cheap to buy and many people even make their own from various scrounged fans and plywood. Microclene are a good brand (not sure if they changed there name now though) they do many sizes and types.

    A tip for this type of filter is to buy the filter medium from spray booths which is a sort of course felt type stuff, cut this to fit in front of the main filter and it will save the main one clogging fast, it comes on massive rolls and will last ages.

    If you put one of these filters near the dust source it will work well.

    Another technique is to make a sort of mini spray booth with a fan and filter to one side and a partial enclosure on two sides and a bit over the roof. A mini one of these https://www.scosarg.com/ardesia-dry-...painting-booth

    Or perhaps a sort of downdraught table built into the mill area.

    In my spray room I made a homeade version of this https://www.filtercareonline.co.uk/p...le-spray-booth out of mdf some mesh and a big impeller.
    It will clear a pretty big room of overspray in a minute or two and actually negatively pressurises the room.

    Depends how much dust you have to deal with.

    Good luck, dust is a pain in the ass.


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