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    I am experimenting with thread milling. My current test is M30. Using Estlcam V11 Thread milling wizard with a home grown single point tool.
    I have a few 4 flute woodruff style cutters that I can grind to 60 deg quite conveniently. But I cannot quite mentally calculate if this multi point approach will overcut the thread width on a down spiral toolpath. Since the cutter will not have a pitch on the teeth
    Hope an expert out there will be able to comment.

  2. A multi tooth cutter in that case is no different from a single point cutter, except you have X teeth cutting in a single line, instead of a single tooth cutting a single line.
    You're amount of overcut, is just the same a single point cutter, in that it depends on the relative diameters. A big diameter cutter in a relatively small hole is going to overcut more, than a small diameter cutter in a relatively big hole, regardless of the number of teeth.
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