Hi, I have an Bridgeport EZ Path S - apart from a burn't out motherboard that I replaced 4 years ago it has been working great. However yesterday it suddenly stopped and gave the error Axis Drive Fault.

Several clicks are heard from the back. Under investigation in the back the A1 box (Spindle drive ) has LEDs on it that show 0.0 and then the K1 (contactor enable spindle drive auxiliar) clicks on and off - then Uu is displayed on the A1 box (large U next to a small u "Uu"), then the A1 box goes off.

When the machine starts up it says Machine not homed yet - press 3 and start. As soon as I do this then the above happens.

At first i though it was the X -axis as that is the first to home - however now I am assuming that something has happened to the spindle drive??? But what? Are there any tests I can do?

Or a company in the UK that can fix the issue?