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    Yeah I've got those for finishing mate triple the cost a bit more expensive

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    Shinny bling before anodising the guys I use don't do HD ano, anybody recommend anybody they use.

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    Push it to 24kRPm and 2000mm/min, Do NOt BE SHY. Use carbide only, whats that with the HSS??? I use HSS for foam only. Or rarely for deep reach somewhere when i dont want to spend on expensive tool. When profiling the profile needs to consist of 2 passes at say 10mm wide/ if tool is 6mm, as there must be a place for the chips to evacuate

    This is how it should look when is cutting well, just adjust accordingly depth to your machine rigidity.

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    I ain't shy mate I ran the ripper at 13500 speed 2500 feed but was HSS

    Vids on page one description on the tube vids says what I'm using mate, the latest tool and vid is 13500 1500 feed with a 3 flute carbide.

    When testing alloy a good few months back I did 4mm depth 5mm carbide 4 flute 2500 feed .7 WOT 20k

    I'm not so bothered about the time to some extent I just need constant results (reliable)

    Facing off like your vid don't really give much griff chips are always going to move out the way, profiling brings its own issues

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    have you tried 1 flute for aluminum? I was always shy, avoiding the extra cost, but the finish they give is incredibly perfect. Now carbide bits are so cheap, its good to try all. I also have problem with profiling when 2 or 3 flutes used. I use 1/8 one flute with perfect rresult and am thinking of buying some 1/4 one flutes to try.
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    The 3 flutes are working fine mate and prob single flutes worked out better with been on the small side, I don't really have time for trial and error of cutters.

    I've used single flute 2mm carbide for some details because they gave me the flute length needed.

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