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    Need a little help on a more reliable cutting process, the only issues I'm having is profiling and was going just fine for about 6 off of the pictured parts.

    I'm using a HSS uncoated 3 flute 6mm ripper from cutwel speed was 13500 feed 2500 DOC 1mm 10mm deep, using mist on my cnc router.

    Then did some new parts and that's when it went tits up, I used a new ripper for a custom high profile part and gummed up within 2 mins of running same speeds and feeds.

    Put the old tool back in and went fine I sent the new tool back to cutwels and they sent a replacement, they said the other was faulty but no tech report.

    Now I've made a couple more this weekend and on the second part it started to load up, they said the new tool as been checked and pasted off.

    Now I need a more reliable cutter or speeds and feeds, I've got a decent batch of these parts to make and reluctant to make them.

    Not issues with the finish at all

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    well going by cutwels data they recommend 6300rpm and 280mm/min so I think you are going much too fast for it.
    is there any reason you are using a ripper for it? I would personally use a 3 flute carbide end mill with the same doc and speed but about 1500mm/min. I use a lot of these:

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    Got this app and it came back with those results, but checked again and change quite a bit.

    Used a ripper because there are roughing specific so thought that would be the way to go, I use a 4mm solid carbide for finishing 3 flute.

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    Ripper info from that same site mate

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    Those are guidance and machine specific.

    Try uncoated 2 flute endmills for alu (both for roughing and finishing). Roughing 3 flute endmills (corn cobs) work well and like to be driven hard (much harder than you expect) but you must keep chips (or swarf) away from the flutes.

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    I use those corn cobs for roughing out carbon fibre, prices are peanuts cheap and swap out after half hr use.

    Not tried with alloy though

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    Hi Dean

    A lot will depend on your machine type, rigidity etc. but:

    I use 6082 for almost all my projects and use a 6mm 3 flute serrated carbide rougher when clearing lots of material and when cutting out. Both use a trochoidal or adaptive clearing strategy using 15,259rpm, 2.4mm stepover, 5mm DoC and 1,779mm/min.

    I've gone a lot deeper with adaptive strategies, but my machine does have its limits.

    For clean up (especially the scallops adaptive leaves) and the horizontal lines from the serrations I use a single flute carbide cutter (6mm again) with 19,900rpm, 0.5mm stepover, 5mm DoC and 1,458mm/min.

    I use quite a few other tools but you can check my feeds and speeds on my videos - latest one here:

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    Cheers mate

    Machine was made by Dean on here and it's a capable machine but I'm limited in cut methods with using Vcarve and that's all the more reason to dial in speeds and feeds.

    I've ordered some of those cutters John linked above, slower feeds that I was using with the ripper but will only add a few mins per part but could save time in the long run.

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    Ah if its one of Dean's then it should easily be able to to handle my feeds and speeds. In fact I'm surprised you aren't taking flak for going too gently

    I would also agree about the limitations of vCarve/Vectric products. I have Cut2D/3D and vCarve and they were fine to get started on, until I got into Fusion 360 and adaptive clearing, which frankly have been a game changer (iMachining and Solidworks are even better, but you need deep pockets).

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    Yeah it's been a great machine around 19 months old now.

    F360 and the likes is a bit to much of a learning curve, I don't have the time to learn it work loads increasing and limiting even custom work.

    But adaptive would band those alloy parts out way quicker, still only takes 28mins minus cutter changers.

    See the vid just starts to change tone last pass.

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