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    Hi Neale
    Thank you for your answer and explanation, just to clarify my MPG is a Chinese one with no manual so the reference to Tosoku is only because for that one I could find diagrams of pulse output for a model with 6 terminals, so I guess there is only left to try it and see what happens.
    From what I can see in the driver manual the driver can use both the PUL and DIR signals directly, the DIR signal just has to come 1.5Ms before the PUL signal.
    Can you tell me if you can see the pictures that I uploaded ?, because I cant see them.
    Kind regards

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    Can you tell me if you can see the pictures that I uploaded ?, because I cant see them
    I don't see them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddy View Post
    The quadrature outputs *should* suit a direct coupling with the stepper driver, connect either A/B to Step, and the other to Dir - you use one of the two quad outputs as a clock and, depending on direction of travel, the alternate phase will either be 0 or 1 (and so provide the direction control).
    Good point - I hadn't visualised the pulse timings in my mind, but even though the pulse train for the Direction signal will be changing, it will always be in the correct state when a Step pulse happens to give correct direction. As long as the Dir-Step pulse edge interval meets the stepper driver minimum timings, anyway. It's actually easier than I thought!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doddy View Post
    All this will give you is an ability to rotate a stepper in response to the rotation of the MPG wheel. That's going to get awfully boring to use on a mill.
    Actually, I think that this is exactly what the OP wants. He finds it difficult to wind the Z handle, and wants to motorise it. With a DRO already in place, this doesn't sound like a silly thing to do. Mind you, it might well lead on to a desire for full CNC control!
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    Hi Neale and Clive S
    Thank you for reply. To Neale : That is exactly what I want, motorizing the Zaxis
    I have tried to upload pictures again, and now I see them, can you ?
    Kind regards

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    Yes, I can see them now. Connect A/~A to the step inputs, B/~B to the direction inputs, and you should be fine. It does not matter which A/~A goes to step + or -. If the motor turns the wrong way, change the B/~B wires on the Dir input (i.e. swap wires going to + and -).

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    Hi Neale
    I will try to wire it all up later today.
    Kind regards

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    This will work as described directly from MPG but the problem will be the number of pulses per turn, probably 100, will mean take forever to move any distance.
    For instance, even at full step it will take 2 turns for 1 rev of motor. I'm pretty sure those drives smallest micro stepping is 400 so that will be 4 turns per rev.
    To move quickly you'll need multiplier and this will need some hardware.

    Could use something like this if just want to drive up/down.
    or this

    You'd have probably been better of buying analog drive that allows you to connect potentiometer and drive with voltage.

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    Hi Jazzcnc
    The slow speed (only with MPG) is exactly what I want , so I can dial it in within less than 1/100mm.
    The first item is the one I was thinking about, and I have maby also another plan with theese so they can be controlled by MPG, getting back to that later.
    My health did not allow me to wire up the setup today, getting back with results when done.
    Kind regards

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