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    I'd like to put up for sale my Denford Triac, I bought this a year ago but since buying another machine I no longer have time to spend on it.
    It has been converted to servo somewhere along the line but not by me.
    It does run but needs a little more work.

    Its had new spindle bearings fitted professionally by a local cnc machine repair shop. matched pair of 7208 B P5 angular contact bearings which I can provide receipts for as well as the work carried out.
    New X axis ball screw and nut, I wasn't happy with the one I fitted to begin with so have another Inwin screw and nut machined but yet to be fitted.
    Rebuilt limits and home switch bracket for the x axis

    Servos are electrocraft E240 table below shows the specs for them.

    *wiring to the X axis in the pic below is temporary just for testing the ball screw.
    I'll put up the details of the control electronics below

    Its tatty looking but fully serviceable , has a working oiler and all axis drives are working as well as spindle control in mach 3. It really just needs someone with more time than I have right now and It would easily compete with the likes of a Syil X5 but with servos I think probably more accurate.

    Im selling this as a project, rather than a ready to work machine. Id have loved to fully restore It but have now run out of time and space so it needs to move on, price covers what ive spent on it.

    I can provide more pictures on request, also It comes with paperwork for most of the components.
    Comes with an R8 ER32 collet holder.
    I have a small Dell Pc, monitor Keyboard and mouse that I will include in the sale to get you up and running.

    1500 ono collected from Winchester. I have a hydraulic trolley here that could get it to the back of a van if needed.

    Any questions please ask


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    Hi Benja I'm interested - I'll drop you a pm, Dave.

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    Now sold thanks

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