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    I've stumbled randomly across an eBay advert (eBay, UK, item 112812638856) which advertises 20mm square rail at 2 of 400/700/1000mm (6 pieces in total), 12 carriages for the rail, and 1605 C7 ball screws and balls at the same lengths of 400/700/1000mmm (and blocks and couplers).

    All for around 370 including delivery from a German warehouse (so no import duty).

    Am I being naive here, or is that a pretty good price?

    Okay, it constrains my design for a machine a little (from 1200mm to 1000mm) and would have to source a second screw/nut for the 1000mmm) but it looks an attractive price to get the major bits for a small hobbyist router intended for cutting aluminium. Or, are these prices (including the EU location) pretty much achievable elsewhere? (I know I struggle to get remotely close with UK suppliers).

    I'm inclined to buy, but if anyone has any words of caution I'd appreciate it before I spend this month's wage.
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    Nope go for it can't lose. Only thing I'd say is if they have 10mm pitch would be better.
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    If the rails are same same like in picture, they are from the "good" Chinese ones, which are properly hardened. Its a good price, considering shipping from china will be around 200 on tthat kit
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