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    Hi there im trying to find out what the Chester Champion 20v Mill is . My plan is to convert it to cnc with a kit but i need to know is it the same as the Grizzly G0704 ? or the PM-25MV ? or something else. You can get kits for most of them but they arnt all the same . So i need to know what it is befor i order the wrong thing ? Any one have any Idea ?


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    Ask Chester machine tools...?

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    I very much doubt Chester would tell you.

    Most of these machines, especially from the bigger suppliers, all have slight variations. I know a couple years ago I looked at something G0704 like, and out of all the different machines around that size I looked at (around 8 to 10 IIRC), they all had slightly different specs. Some were obvious things like different spindles, and others were more subtle like axis having slightly different amounts of travel.
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    Iv msged Chester 3 or 4 times without reply. It's the bolt holes for the bearing mounts that's most important. If these are the same as the grizzly I know I can bolt the kit on. I can work around the rest

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