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    Hi guys
    couple of quick questions
    1 being what is this little contraption that the mains goes into and then goes to the PSU? is it necessary? as I have seen builds where they wire the mains plug direct to the psu or is this a good extra?
    2 I have placed the parts in the control box, is this too cramped or is it ok to place the motors here?
    3 I pulled out my PSU I am not great with the electronics side of things is this psu ok?

    Cheers for your time

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    1) EMC filter. Helps stop noise escaping from the control box into the mains supply, and also stops noise coming into the control box from the mains.
    2) It's a bit tight, but I've see far tighter. Just keep an eye on temps.
    3) 24V is pretty low for steppers, and will limit your max speeds. I'd personally aim for at least 36V, but you can always upgrade later, as it's easily swapped.
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