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    CNC Router / Engraver

    This item is used and is in very good condition and good working order.

    I bought it in last year as a extra money maker but now it's time for something bigger so selling this.

    Selling as a full setup, ready to work. Computer with software ( Mach3 and ArtCam Pro, both are very easy to use ) Lots and lots of tools.

    I made lots of things from wood ( softwood and hardwood ), acrylic, plastic and aluminium. You can see a few jobs on pictures. Great machine for 3d carving.

    Due to size and weight collection only
    Money on Collection

    Working area: around 700mm x 300mm
    Total machine size: around 500mm x 1150mm

    I can't upload pictures so please send me a e-mail address and I'll send them through

    Price for quick sale: 2000

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