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    Iím looking for an Emco PC turn 120/125/155 or Emco Concept turn 105. Prefer to be in itís original shape and controller without conversions and in good mechanical condition. Any offers are welcome :)
    Thank you

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    Hi, I know it's an old post but we've got a PC Turn 120, unmolested, with the PC. I was going to convert it over to LinuxCNC but we already have a converted Boxford which does everything the Emco does. Fanuc controls installed currently. We also have a PC Mill 100 but without the PC which is also destined for conversion. Let me know if you're interested. We're 15 mins from Fareham.

  3. Hello. Do you still have these machines available? Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marian_funaru@yahoo.com View Post
    Hello. Do you still have these machines available? Thank you!
    Hi, yes I do. We've tracked down a PC for the PCMILL100 and were going to put them both back into service. They're still for sale though.
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