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Some of us with professional programming and engineering careers behind us pick up wood working/machining as hobby, some go the the other way. I think itīs good for people to have different interests and pick up hobbies different from ones main trade line and skills. I have no idea what Gerry has for background but I think there are plenty machinists out there who are interested in electronics and programming and other technical skills than what their main skills provide.

We all have some prejudice. I think it's part of human nature.

Yes, I agree it's a great community. Not only this one, but the other forums as well.
Hi A_Camera, cant agree more.

I was also looking to acquire new skills.

Picked up the interest for cnc a while back.

So never stop learning, sharing knowledge is rewarding in many ways.

Thanx for now.

Hope spring starts soon ... i like 15 C better than <5 C.

Need to decide and order stuff.

Grtz Bert.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A320FL met Tapatalk