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    Quote Originally Posted by GrahamWhite View Post
    At 1.20 euros a meter was that for chain flex? I've seen prices for cy shielded from 0.60p per m but it doesn't suggest constant bending i.e for chain drive
    I found this company at 1.94 per m for chain flex
    or is the chain flex over the top?? and standard CY shielded fine?
    I bought this. 1 size fits all 1mm2

    I believe it says class 5 flex 20x OD bending property.

    Non moving bending property 6x OD

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    So I finally got my Z axis done
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Will probably swap out the MDF that the spindle is mounted on for some Ali plate at some point.

    Added end supports to the x axis mount points for added stability.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So after a bit of a gap, the control panel has gone away for a first fix so to speak.
    A friend of mine who deals with that sort of stuff has very kindly offered to sort it out :)as in return he needed someone with a 3d printer to print some adapters for his RC car wheels :)
    Should come back with some neat spaghetti I hope!

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    So panel is back and thanks to Jazz for the wiring diagram, my mate sorted it out a treat- a million miles better than my effort would have achieved !!
    Mounted on the wall and fitted the fans to the front panel.
    I added a start/stop button by mistake -actually not needed- so i'll probably turn it into a window so I can see the VFD front.
    I've been told I can wire up the other things but I'm not allowed to turn it on! lol or even plug it in!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Graham your mates made a nice job of the wiring etc but you need to re-route and separate some of the wires otherwise your probably going to get false E-stops etc from back EMF.
    If he's general sparky he'll not be used to dealing with machine controls where tieing or routing together signal wires with high voltage wires is a BIG No-no.

    I've circled the picture where I see potential trouble areas because signal wires are tie wrapped to high voltage or too close to VFD which gives off high EMF.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So a bit more work done on the electrics
    Drag chains fitted
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Leaves a nice pile to sort out :)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A quick route to the control box
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wires3.jpg 
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    And then some cutting, soldering and attaching...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Still have the drives unplugged as not had the nerve to plug it in yet, need a quick recheck first.
    Whats the next step ? attach to computer and switch it on ? or are there some other steps first ?
    Still got to re-route some wires in case it causes issues.

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    Right so it's ALIVE!!
    Please excuse the mess! :(
    Finally gave up and bought the UCCNC software, and got all the axis jogging with the Y and A slaved :)
    So I thought I'd try and setup the home limits.
    Lucked out on the Z nearly first go.
    Trying to set the X up- turned on pin 13 - I jogged it to the stop bolt (proximity limits) and the light came on but about 4or 5 seconds later a plume of smoke came out of the back of the limit!!
    Cut off and refitted a new one- thought it may just have been dodgy same again!
    That's why I think I lucked out on the Z -I hit home and when it reaches it the light flicked on and the it backed off and went off.
    Any ideas guys
    The limits are PNP NO upto 36v- im using 24v- running brown to 24v ,blue to 0v and black to sensor pin on BOB
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    It looks like you have your breakout board plugged into port 1 of the UC300? It needs to be plugged into port 2 or 3 for everything to work.
    Probably doesn't have anything to do with your smoke, though.
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    Thanks for spotting that :) but after nothing was working to start with, a quick read of the manual pointed me in the right direction :) shame it doesn't have any tips on not letting smoke out!

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    So my mate who wired up my panel popped round :)
    Multi meter came out and a quick decision was the PNP proximity limits I had were wrong ,they did actually need to be NPN-tried 2 he bought with him and all good :) pass as to whats the difference! so theyre on order:)
    Moved onto the spindle which I was having real problems with as well ,trying to get the speed control working was a challenge!
    The ST-V2 bob is a strange beast it turns out! what with the limits being right but actually wrong the spindle wouldn't keep it's speed ,it just kept dropping off???
    So after trying just about every combination of pins and reverse settings we got to minimum and max speed% in the UCCNC software.
    It was 10% min 100 MAX.
    Set it to 100% minimum and 10% max and all good!!!!!! can't figure it out but speed control is working well and powers on and off fine.
    Any ideas as to why are very welcome :)
    2 steps nearer to a first proper run woohoo!!!

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