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    So new limits fitted and working :)
    had to go for a first cut of something ,so a simple letters with a vee bit.
    Amazed , IT WORKS!!!
    Did hit the panic button on the first plunge ,was a bit jumpy! lol so had to start over :oops:
    Need to setup speeds now as I think it's running fairly slow- working out UCCNC is very new to me(but then all of this is!)
    Radiator cooling to go on and to make some permanent adjustable limit stops.
    I'm nearing the 'Completed machines' section!!!
    Gotta run breakin wizard and then surface my spoil board.
    One thing I did try was cutting a circle and it came out oval- maybe I haven't quite got the calibration on the X right?

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    So radiator cooling is on and working :) and limit stops printed and fitted.
    Are there any setup routines to go through to determine max. running rates for rapids etc.??
    It seems to jog fine but on a few test runs I've done, on small circle movements say approx. 20mm across it tends to judder slightly, any ideas as to why???
    Maybe I have the steps setup wrong?

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    How are you generating your gcode for the test circles? A common problem is not using constant-velocity settings for curves. If your gcode is coming out with a series of straight line segment approximations to a curve, and Mach3 is set to follow these exactly, it stops the machine at each "corner" and then restarts in the new direction. Result is vibration/juddering. Set it to "constant velocity" and it will approximate the straight line segments by rounding the corners very slightly but it keeps the machine running steadily. Even better is to get your CAM programme to generate arcs rather than straight-line approximations and Mach3 can do a better job still.

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    Well I've not posted for a while and now i think i'm finally finished!
    Got rid of the masking tape holding various wires and also 3d printed some mounts to hold the water pump:)
    Wasn't impressed with my dust shoe so just bought one in the end and for £20 it catches all the dust so job done!
    One other thing I've added is another breakout board as i ran out of inputs to add an auto Z touch off plate- so ticked that off as well- also means i can add another 5 axis if i should ever need to! lol (although a 4th axis seems fun!!)
    Just an arm left to make to carry the dust hose
    So here are a few pics of it now.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20181017_093838.jpg 
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    just a few things I've made so far -still learning ...or playing:)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20181017_093543.jpg 
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    thanks for everyones help up til now :)

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