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    First Post and looking for help.
    I am prepared to look foolish! We have purchased a CNC6040z USB interface from China. All went well during the install process and script changes in the mach3 software provided.
    However, when we attempt to control the z-axis regardless of instruction within the software, the direction of travel is always down. I have tried swapping the Y and Z connector at which point the fault moves to the Y-axis and the Z is correct.
    I was assuming this was a hardware fault with the controller but was wondering if anyone had seen a similar fault and found it to be software?
    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    This says that the direction signal isn't getting from Mach3 to stepper driver. Likely problem areas - ports-and-pins settings in Mach3, so that direction signal isn't on the right pin (the one that actually connects to the stepper driver); physical connection between BOB and stepper driver (broken wire? Terminal clamped on insulation rather than bare wire?); stepper driver is broken. Probably a few other possibilities, but my guess is that it's something like one of these. Could stick a meter on "direction" output pin and see if it changes when direction changes, which might help narrow it down.

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    Hello Neale,
    Thanks for your speedy response, I'll take a look at the direction pin settings with a meter and report back, I think I have eliminated the cable and stepper motor as moving the connector to a different port on the controller I can control the motor correctly.

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    If using correct pins then Try changing the active Hi lo. I'm Pretty sure I've seen this happen before with some of these Chinese machines.

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    Thanks, the direction pin is allocated to pin 6 in Mach3. interestingly it is sitting about 4 and a bit volts and never changing.
    out of interest, The Chinese supplier suggests it the controller board that's failed. guess I'll get the scope probe out and report back!!

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    It's USB, you say, so it can't be a parallel port or cable problem. As long as Mach3 has the correct pin and you are also looking at the correct pin (not always trivial - I use a CSMIO controller and the pin numbers in Mach3 are not the same as the terminal numbers on the controller!) then it does indeed sound like a controller issue. Good luck!

    You could also try JazzCNC's tip - it's not clear why this would work, but it is a Chinese controller so logic doesn't always play a role

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    Thanks, Neale. Decided to open the controller box and take a deeper look, thanks for the tip about the pin swaps, I guess I have a long evening ahead of me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    You could also try JazzCNC's tip - it's not clear why this would work, but it is a Chinese controller so logic doesn't always play a role
    Me neither Neale but I've seen this problem come up before and sure that was the issue.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sashido View Post
    All went well during the install process and script changes in the mach3 software provided.
    Hmm, my Spidey Senses are tingling at that, did you get a license in your own name with Mach3?
    A lot of Chinese stuff comes bundled with a Hacked, Packed and Cracked version of Mach3 rather than a Plug In which will work with a legitimate licensed copy of Mach3.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Hello magicniner. The same thought crossed my mind when the machine arrived, in my defence the supplier assured me that they we're only reskinning the UI to work with the machine.
    So the new question is given we did not receive a licence key with the machine, are we the only ones this has happened too? and how have others fixed the issue?
    I am now guessing that the re-skin will not work with a legit copy!
    Why oh why did I buy a machine from an unknown company in China is the real question!
    Thanks for your comments,

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