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    Hello All

    Thought I would officially introduce myself now that I have actually put an order in for a CNC router

    Been a member here since 2013 when I first got interested in CNC routers.
    For one reason or another I have never got round to actually getting one but have always come back for more, the desire for one never left me.
    I have had all sorts of cnc routers in various webshop baskets all ready to order over the years.. xcarve / stepcraft / oozenest etc but I could never just make the purchase due to opinions / concerns I have read from experienced users on forums like this and others.
    I also loved the thought of building one but I really just don't have the time between work, our disabled 8 year old daughter and now another baby on the way
    The thought was just too daunting and that's why I nearly purchased the cheap kit routers above..

    But... I'm glad to say I never wasted 2/3/4 grand, saved a bit more and paid for Jazzcnc / Dean to make me cnc router.. To say I'm excited is an understatement... Can't believe I finally have one with my name on it.
    Lot's of learning to do and I cant wait

    Machine is a 4x2 with 4th axis, similar to the one in the pic below

    Cheers all and look forward to sharing many projects over the years to come.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    James. I have seen that machine I think you will be very pleased with it. Dean builds them as solid as a rock you have certainly found the right guy .
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Hi Clive
    Yep i have seen deans posts over the years and always drooled over his machines and missed a second hand one not long ago.
    But now.. I have one getting built exactly to my needs


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