I'm guessing this will have been asked a lot before but........Which machine should I go for?.

I need something that will cut ABS boxes, have Z axis of 150mm min (X and Y say 500-600mm), be single phase 240v and be simple (ish) to use. Ideally something that we can import drawings into rather than drawing on the machine.

Max radii on the drawings is .5mm but I guess this is down to the cutting tool vs feed rates?

We have various boxes at work we sub out but we are now looking at a job which would justify buying a machine. Through put wouldn't be massive at something like 500-750 units per month.

I'm not really sure but my budget will be up to about 5k but 3k would be better.

Any advice would be appreciated as this is a new field to me. (as you experts will tell from my terminology )