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    As Clive says - a bit of overkill. In theory it should work, and the argument that the UC300ETH (or whatever) will only draw the current that it requires is correct, however, big PSUs like this are sometimes less well regulated when substantially under utilised. Chances are that it will work, but something closer to the requirement of the UC300ETH (and any BOB, limit switch, relays, etc) would be sensible. 2A would be my target for something like this.

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    Thanks for the link and the feedback, it's helping a lot in this project. Now I've got a few phone power supplies too, but the one problem is that the one is out putting 5.1 volts rather than the " exact 5 volt maximum." Is that something that should worry me? I know it's sounding a bit picky But it never hurts to ask just in case.

    Thanks again in advance!

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    the extra 0.1V from your 5.1V power supply is not a problem

    for 5V logic like the old 74series TTL logic
    the limits for nominal 5V supply voltage is between the 4.75 min and 5.25V max

    for 5V Atmel 8 bit micro controllers like the ATmega8 operating voltage is 4.5V to 5.5V


    any one know which micro controller has been used for the UC300ETH ?
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    As John says, that voltage sounds fine. It could even be your multimeter that's slightly out.

    I would guess the UC300 is using some form of ARM chip, regardless I'd guess whatever chip will be running at 3.3V. Even a few years ago, the vast majority of microcontrollers were running at 3.3V max, with 5V capable ones being a dying breed.
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    your correct the micro controller is a 3.3V device

    looking at a photo of the UC300 it has a
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	UC300 PIC chip.jpg 
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ID:	25785

    from the MICROCHIP web site
    Operating Voltage Range (V)
    3 to 3.6

    the dsPIC33EP256 Input/Output

    • Sink/Source 10 mA on All Pins
    • 5V Tolerant Pins
    • Selectable Open-Drain, Pull-ups and Pull-Downs
    • Up to 5 mA Overvoltage Clamp Current
    • External Interrupts on All I/O pins

    the UC300 board has a 5V supply connector
    so the surface mount device between the 5V supply and PIC
    must be a low drop out 3.3V regulator


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