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    Hello all
    While I wait for the new CNC machine been made by JazzCNC I'm watching tons of various cnc vids on youtube every night with excitement :)
    Last night I came across diamond drag compression bit mounted in the spindle, (spindle turned off) then just drag around to etch glass or stone etc..
    My question is.. Is this bad for the spindle and mount assembly as your basically pulling it about with a force against it?
    If not.. cool as it looks quite fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac80 View Post
    While I wait for the new CNC machine been made by JazzCNC
    Dodgy Geezer him watch it.!

    No won't affect spindle provided not constantly using it this way. In which case you would have it mounted to Z axis in it's own holder.

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    Off course.. mount it to the z axis.. makes sense and now you say it.. so obvious :)

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    Iíve just recently started using one of these engraving carbon is so much easier quicker and cheaper.

    I only put a Z depth of .75 meaningless I no because it depends on spring tension.

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    What one do you use mate?
    I see this USA one with 1/2 or 1/4 shank for about $180.. then a UK based one for about £45..
    Is the usa one just a fancy "Made In the USofA" sticker adding
    £100? :)



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    I actually got mine from the good old US of A but was £56 if I recall from this seller, Iíve got a new diamond saved just in case.


    But thatís pants down price for what Iím doing it does the job just fine, Iím only engraving logos and my RC name on parts.

    I used to use a normally engraving bit but carbons tolerances of +-5% means engraving was a ball ache, I only engraved .1 deep so some parts would get missed thatís when the ball ache came in Iíd need to re do those missing bits

    Engraving carbons only braking the resin so not a great deal of load.

    Shows up real nice when you add some colour

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    Oh man that look's sweeet
    What do you use to add colours, just spray paint then wipe off glossy surface instantly with maybe a bit of masking..?

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    I just used a sharpie pen colour then wipe off then keep doing it till itís nice and clear, then used a Q tip dipped in petrol to get any off that dried before I wiped off

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    simple but effective :)
    Only thing with sharpies is life span, wife uses them on jewellery she hand stamps.
    bit of masking and airbrush maybe the thing to try.
    Have you ever tried laser engraving with your cnc router? also looking at them 4w laser addons and they look quite fun s well :)

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    I only really make them coloured for sales pictures mate

    But depends what parts will determine life itís rc related parts gas rc, so the front and side parts stop on, the rear behind the engine if the exhaust seal goes then that prays shite all over.

    Weíve just got a laser engraver at work and keep forgetting to bring in some carbon to test

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