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    Well i got me a question
    i think i just found me a place that i can purchase
    • 2x 1500mm SBR16
      1x 1550mm RM1605
      1X 1605 Nut Housings
      BK12/BF12 with locknuts and circlips
      SFU1605single ball nut
      4x SBR16L-UU blocks
      JM2-25 (6.35*10mm) coupling

    Does that sound right to you??
    Yes it's from china, shipped in wooden create.

    Feels like a worth the punt price therefore also feels like is this real?
    no links - until i order and it arrives all good (if i order)!

    SHALL I?

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    Well i did ish in the end.
    all was good just had to wait longer than quoted for them to arrive.
    Click image for larger version. 

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