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    After reading loads here, I'm looking for some solid advice on converting a Boxford A3 HSRi2 router to work on Mach 3.
    Would be looking at the MX4660 driver, and removing the old motherboard and driver. (see history below)
    I can't get a schematic, but think I need to test each cable to find out what it is, match it to the new driver, and set it up.
    Is it that simple?

    Machine currently works okay, but I don't like the Boxford software which is very basic, and needs hard resetting frequently. I For example, if accidently set on machine to manual mode, the CNC does not communicate with PC, so if you attempt to run a job, it gives an error message "machine not responding" and requires a hard reset.

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    I've converted one of these to mach3 for a customer. Pretty much everything needs to be removed except for the Spindle board.
    Personally, I wouldn't use MX4660 as there are cheaper better options if you use individual components.
    I'd also suggest you go with an external motion controller rather than use the parallel port as it's much more reliable and when used with good Digital drives turns this machine into monster compared to using Boxford setup.

    The setup I used was this.
    Cslabs IP-M motion controller. This is high quality controller that provides 24Vdc I/O with spindle speed controller. It removes the need for breakout board which is source of trouble on many machines,

    Leadshine EM503 Digital drives
    44Vdc toroidal PSU

    Unfortunatly I didn't take any pictures of this conversion but it's very similair to this one done on Denford Router.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And what would you charge to do the change? Maybe it will work out cheaper for me considering the time it will take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankyg View Post
    And what would you charge to do the change? Maybe it will work out cheaper for me considering the time it will take.
    Where are you based?

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    Where are you based?
    The flag says Manchester
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    Yes, Manchester!

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    Thanks everyone for all the messages and private PM's received. I have now made arrangements with JAZZCNC. Hopefully all arranged. I'm very grateful for all the help.

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    Hi guys,
    I have an older model A3HSR non-USB machine, now running with a Windows XP controller PC. I'd like to convert it to use Mach3, and generally bring it into the 21st century. Boxford's "CADCAM V10" sucks!

    I don't seem to be able to message JAZZCNC, probably because I've just joined the forum, but if he sees this would he be good enough to email me at studio45uk@gmail.com with details of his services?
    Thanks in advance, Matt

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    Jazzcnc has not posted on here for a while and regulars who do post on here and know him personally say he is fine but busy. He has probably not logged on to see your messages so your best bet is someone on here relaying your message to him.
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