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    I'm looking to purchase 3m lengths of MOD 1.0 rack for my router build.
    Most places I've seen are in the region of 75 for a 2m length but I just found a place selling it at half the price only I'm unsure if they are of the same standard.

    The cheaper one is to DIN 3962/63/67 grade 8 to 9 and its 40+vat for 3m!
    Only I have no idea what standard the other dearer ones are to apart from C45 steel or EN8
    Any ideas??

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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I did have a Google before asking and all I understood was BLAAAH! lol
    Not saying one is expensive but the other is half the price, and was wondering if it was just other suppliers putting their bit on and selling the same rack!

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    Would help if you could show us both suppliers. However, the DIN rating just defines the level precision, from what I can see DIN3962 is a higher level of finish and quality than what comes off a conventional hobbing machine.

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    the cheaper supplier is lakehurstpt
    The website is bad but they gave me these details in an email
    'Yes, these racks can be used in CNC applications depending on the application requirements (The quality Grade of the toothing is from 8 to 9 at Din 3962/63/67) you should research these Standards before placing you order to ensure they will be suitable for your application drive requirements?'
    other suppliers i.e cnc4you,cncrouterparts don't really give much info at all

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    Those on the website will be fine. I've used the same grade on several machines without any troubles. However, I'll warn you to now the pinion tension will need to be spot otherwise they'll wear prematurely. The CNC Router parts tensioning is a little aggresive IMO so you'll need to keep careful eye on it.

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    cheers,ill get the racks ordered then- got a 3-4week wait as 3m not in stock :(
    yes the cncrouterparts drive has quite a strong spring apparently, read that some have adjusted the pulling position to account for it.... but that's for another post!

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    Does anyone use anti-backlash gears for driving racks?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicniner View Post
    Does anyone use anti-backlash gears for driving racks?
    Not seen many on routers. Most routers use helical which is little better regards backlash or they spring load pinion into rack.

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