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    This post is even more confusing than the ones before, and just as I suspected, your use of the term "daisy chain" is wrong. Do you actually know what the difference is between parallel, serial and daisy chain connection?
    To some, this comment may seem little condescending coming from a bunch of electrical geeks just trying to show off.!! However, A_Camera is making a very valid point because Terminology is very important in some cases. When dealing with low voltage low current devices then getting the wording wrong is at worst just expensive. But when taking mains voltages/currents it can become lethal to anyone who touches the machine.

    Trying to help builders who have little or NO understanding of electrical terms via Forum post's is inherently dangerous. There are too many contributors that jump in and confuse matters to the point can become dangerous for the OP.
    Me personaly I won't get into these forum posts other than to advise if something is very wrong or I see an obvious mistake. However I don't mind helping people on a 1 to 1 basis either via PM or Email so there are no outside influences to confuse.

    So in this case I'm offering to help but off air so to speak or suggest that you seek help from another Forum member or friend who KNOWS what there doing.
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