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    hiya im new to cnc machines but find them facinating, ive looked into building one for a while now though and im very stuck with the electronics side of it, drivers, controllers, breakout boards, i cant find any simple step by step instructions on how make them anywhere! :)

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    Hi Vardy

    Welcome to the forum

    You might be better off to start with looking to buy some of the bits.

    If you are new to all this making your own drivers etc might be a bit of a tall order but good luck anyway, there is plenty of help on here so any questions just ask away.


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    yeah ive found the diycnc website and it has some great kits on their! i probably will buy rather than build to start with :)

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    I bought all my electronics and steppers from Roy at DIYCNC and would highly recommend him.

    I knew nothing about stepper motors, drivers etc but within 1 hour after getting the parts I had them wired up on the bench and running, it really is that easy.

    Download a few manuals from the DIYCNC website and have a read, may give you a better understanding.

    His new system4 board looks nice....

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    yeah thats the one i have my eye on it looks similar to a pc motherboard very pro!!, i have lost my job recently and have alot of space in the basement, im looking to create a cnc machine and make it pay for itself by creating things, not quite sure what though yet? ha ☻

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