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    I'm having my first attempt at sign making. I've got some reclaimed pine I'm using.

    I want to paint the lettering but the paint tends to bleed across the wood and soaks in so sanding it is difficult.

    I'm using enamal paint so Before I buy any more paint I'm hoping someone can advise me.

    Thank you

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    Hi dfox1987

    I would recommend sealing the wood first with a clear varnish, then apply your colour coat then sand back, if I'm understanding what you're trying to do.

    Hope that helps.


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    In the trade we use this: https://www.screwfix.com/p/dulux-tra...oat-1ltr/24583

    Can use it as a stain block for ceilings, walls etc, it's water based but clean or wrap your brush as soon as you've finished - it will go rock hard.

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    The best thing to do IMO is prime with the desired finish. Not another color primer or even transparent. Because the transparent will stay here and there and mess with the finish, you may not see if you have sanded it well or not. The Color primer will also go into the grain.

    So what i do is prime with the desired finish. I do it fast, but not mess the whole surface, i try to stay only where needed. This closes the surface. Then use 2 component polyurethane -one layer if interior and dark color. Otherwise 2 layers. Then sand all. Then carefully using a sponge, not brush, finish the top surface with the desired color. Here i use Top quality 1 component polyurethane for wood , exterior . This paint is more expensive than the 2k paint, hydro resistant, Uv resistant and is warranted for 8 years exterior.
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    If I would consider about painting, I would take for such purpose KILZ adhesion high-bonding interior latex primer ( found it here: https://www.wood-turned.com/ ). Because a friend of mine gave great reviews about it, and I've been testing it by myself already. It can make your paint immune to scratching, peeling or something like scraping.
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    In Spain in the zone i live // near the sea// these paints are very popular as people use on Yacht decks and decking around pools , so basically it's written on all paints . So maybe seach for pool decking paints PU based.

    If PU is not for outside it will miserably fail. Have tried painting rusted steel sheets with leftover from a job and it failed when it rained
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