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    Hi there
    I was going over the auto Tool changer codes “M6Start”, and It appears to me that some codes are missing there, as the codes executing, and after Calling the MovePos() subroutine, it moves to the position of the Old Tool coordinates and then it goes down to ("G53 Z" & ToolDown ) So far so good, but then before releasing the old tool, Shouldn’t it to move forward or backward let’s say a value of 50 mm in order to basically force in or slide in the collet chuck to the Collet chuck Holder (that plastic u shape chuck holder in an array of let’s say 8 tool Holder) then releasing the old tool?
    And similar action on new tool pick up procedure?

  2. The codes are not missing, it's just you need to add the relevant code to suit your machine.

    You need to modify the macro to work how you want it to work.
    I'm guessing this is for the style of tool changer that is a row of holders at the end the table? If it is, have a search over the machsupport forum for "wine rack", and you should find a few examples.
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