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    Hello CNC people.

    I have made finally made some small progress with my machine, however it is a case of two steps forward one step back.

    After the old PC died completely, I bought a second hand PC with an i5 and a basic graphics card with a fresh windows 10 install.
    Then I managed to get the UC300eth all set up with UCCNC (after getting the correct ethernet lead, DOH !!). The software registered with the uc300 and it did an update and I checked the ports were working etc.

    However I now have 2 issues, the first is that one of the leadshine sps705 power supplies is behaving oddly. When I turn on the power to the "control box" where the power supplies and stepper drivers are along with the BOB, everything turns on great green lights on both power supplies and all 3 stepper drivers. (the bob is powered by 5v off usb)
    Then after a period of time (can be 10 minutes or 45 minutes) the bottom power supply will show a red led instead of green and all the other green LED`s turn off.
    I have checked all the wires are physically tight and connected on everything I can see (one wire was a bit loose so I re-did it with a new spade connector). The problem persists and I am wondering if the power supply might be dead.
    Any ideas how to test it ?

    My other issue is the initial setup of the machine with the software.

    I understand that I must find out the PIN OUTS from the BOB. This is listed on the uniport v2 pdf and seems to tally with what is physically attached. So when I am in the configuration/axis menu of UCCNC I see the pin section has Step pin/ Dir pin/ Enable pin. (I will not worry about limit and home pins yet.)
    I can find the step and dir pins on the BOB but which one is the Enable pin ?
    Also in the next column it has an option for POrt number next to each pin section. Does the port just refer to the one I have plugged the parallel ribbon in to (ie port 2) on the uc300eth ?

    Sorry for the dumb questions but it has been frying my brain a bit today. I am sure it will be simple once I "get it".

    Many thanks


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    Quick update

    Getting some progress. I switched the position of the power supplies as they are both identical and the same one was giving me the red light so I was more confident it was a Knackered power supply not another short. So I bought an identical one and installed it this fixed the problem with that bit anyway.
    Next managed to sort out my pin outs. With some very good assistance from the cncdrive forum I found out I had the charge pump signal pin in the wrong area so I removed this pin out from the axis menus and put the value in the I/O configuration page. So now it jogs in all axis nicely and I can move on to the E stop and limit switches.



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    IT LIVES !!!

    After a lot of what can be described as confused problem solving I have got the CNC router working.
    I have managed to surface the Spoilboard and make several successful test pockets and a bit of engraving.

    There is a way to go until it is up to the standard I want but for now I can make some stuff and get used to the machine and the software.


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    All of us who have had the satisfaction of seeing a machine make it's first move will understand your elation.Congratulations!

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    Cheers routerdriver.

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