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    Hi there
    I am trying to install my 3 phase Spindle using a Delta 7.5 KW Inverter.
    At the moment I can connect to output1 of my BOB(Smooth Stepper) Trough Mach3 by pressing the (Spindle CW F5) Bottom of Mach3, as the result The corresponding Light In front of it (Output1 in my BOB, I am attaching a Picture of it) will light Up. In the picture Output1 corresponds to O1. Also I can connect it to my Inverter, therefore I can Run/stop Spindle from mach3.

    But I just cannot light up the PWM corresponding Light in my BOB from Mach3
    What is it wrong in my mach3 setup? Presently I am dedicating Output1 to Run and/or Stop the spindle, but also, I think I am trying to use the same output1 to connect to my PWM , I really cannot figure it out, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    First of all Smooth stepper is not a BOB it's a motion controller. You will attach a BOB to the smooth stepper and here you need to know the pins to use.

    Looks to me like your using a pre-built control box so give us details and will take better look. The manual should give all the details you need.

    However I can see from the first picture that you have PWM and 0-10V Analog output. The Analog output could be used with the VFD for Speed reference. Output 1 would be used to turn ON/OFF the spindle.

    Edit: PS Cannot see the mach3 settings on the pictures you need better pictures.
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    Hi JazzCNC

    Thanks for the reply.

    Case is resolved


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