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    If you are looking at this Pacer cnc then you probably are aware of the superb build and quality of the cnc. This is not a toy. It originally started life as a Pacer stretched cadet bed size 700mm x 1220mm x 50mm machinable Z height. It was bought by Roger Moffatt (RIP)
    I never knew him personally but he bought these machines and where possible tweaked them to make them even better. This particular machine at a cost of 3k plus vat had an upgrade consisting of new micro stepping drivers and motors, production version motion box, revised y and z axis sliders arrangement.
    I have owned it for over a year and it runs faultlessly, ran timber, acrylic and modelling board on it no problem.You can machine aluminium but not tried that yet. Using the right cutters and feed speeds etc and there are no problems. My only reason for a reluctant sale is I have found another exact same machine which has other features on it which I believe will be of more use, hence my sale.
    I had it fully serviced at a cost of 300 to make sure all was as it should be just like an MOT and it was 100% I can provide you with a Pacer engineer contact who can travel anywhere in the country should you have any problems in the future. Highly unlikely.
    As in the pictures there is a dedicated vacuum pump 16amp unfortunately not wired up yet but maybe before end of sale. The pc and tower will of course be included in the sale. I have installed Rhino v3 and metacut 2.1 this should allow you to cnc 3d. Unfortunately I don't know how to use it. It is capable of 3d even if these aren't the right software then I believe bobcam will work. There are lots out there depending on your budget.
    All you will need is a swarf extraction attachment around the spindle, I just never got round to it so use my henry hoover to help with this at the moment, not included. Also not included is the table or cabinet in front. This is just a copy of my ebay item and the price is 4400 ovno.
    It is a heavy piece of equipment and will need at least 4/6 people to move, happy to help where I can. Full payment to be made before machine is released. Feel free to ask any questions you have.
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    is this still for sale and how much are you asking for?

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    Hello Mark as long as the other cnc is still for sale which I think it is then mine would be. The original asking price is 4400 but prepared to listen to any sensible offers.

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    Hello Mark apparently the other cnc is still available for me. My vacuum pump is up and running now. I've just readvertised on ebay for 3950 but willing to accept any offer close.

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