Ok, here it goes...

I have been having troubles with my hand built with poor tools router, so i've had it and been designing a new gantry,
Frame is steel tubes, 40x80x5mm thick and welded, I will be adding aluminium below the new rails that i am getting, and get it facemilled with a larger router local (as the frame is 1300x900, not everyone can fit a 45kg frame onto it)

At first, I'll just post the renders here and take it from there, I will be changing the rails on low axis (my Y axis) with hiwin 20-25mm rails and also swapping my 2 x 1610 with 2010 as my old ones are bad.
This is running with Nema23 425oz steppers with Leadshine DM856 drivers @ 48V (20A psu for em all)
I do have some nema34 laying around with 800oz if i have to change for larger steppers.

The gantry is designed with 20mm plates, and 2 x 45x90 profiles inside for attachement.

Frontplate will be fixed with the side walls.

Cutting area is 1020x550x170mm minus bit lenght.
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