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    Last year, my workshop burned to the ground - and I lost everything. The Insurance has been settled and the rebuild is under way, due to complete by August 2018.

    I need to find replacement CNC machines to fill all the space!

    Ideally, what I would like is:
    Denford Cyclone Lathe with ATC and 35mm through the spindle bore. I might consider one with 20mm in the hope of converting it to 35mm - bound to be possible!
    Denford Triac with ATC

    I would also consider anything else of similar size so long as it has ATC and the lathe has >=30mm through the bore.

    Not worried about what sort of controller they have, working or not - really, anything considered.

    I'd like to spend less than 10k on the pair - but that's flexible if it's something too good to miss!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Someone had a Tormach for sale recently. They tend to sell quick but that would be a step up from the Triacs.

    Triacs are fairly rare to find, perhaps a bit less so than a Tormach.

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