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    looking at your photo of the terminals
    this is how I would connect to the VFD
    with the forward on/off control being BOB's the relay controlled by pin 17
    Attachment 24228

    the relay switches the VFD on in the forward direction
    and is the simplest control with one switch
    depending on the parameters set for input X1

    you could have 3 switches
    one for on / off

    a second for forward that works in conjunction with the on /off switch

    the 3rd being reverse that works in conjunction with the on /off switch

    Ha Ha I didn't realise you drew on the photo that makes a lot of sense now, thanks for the info.

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    I'm on a buzz atm with lots of thoughts of this and that, think I found my second calling in building electronics (1st being woodwork) though I have a long way to go in learning.
    My thought was in regards to the main cables from the drivers to the motors, although it was fun cutting and soldering the 4 pin plugs I was contemplating to have a single cable (per motor) running from the stepper to the motor with no 4 pin plug then if needed to separate I simply unplug the green connecter block on the driver.
    Is this a done "practical" option or do people just stick with the plugs.

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  5. if I remember correctly a post on cnczone showed a control box with the cable going through a strain relief instead of the more usual plug & socket

    this has the advantage of reducing the number of joints

    but the possible down side is damage to the driver if you to unplug the connector from the driver very often

    while some of the problems are due to cheap copies of the green connectors being used (I can not remember the original manufacturer)

    you will find examples burnt connectors in both cheep chinese machines and on the Leadshine 3nd883 drivers used by Tormach

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	burnt Leadshine 3nd883 driver connector.jpg 
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    Ok grounded the psu's and vfd, moved most of the power leads away from the data cables.
    I was getting what I think is EMI interference across the motors as you can see on my links: one being how the motors misbehave and the second being how they are now after fiddling about.
    Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
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    I was talking to a guy who does control electronics for a living and he suggested twisted pair on all data cables inside an enclosure as a better option to shielded.
    Logical when you think about it as a wiring scheme which cancels interference is potentially more robust than one which tries to shield data cables from interference.
    I'm giving it a go and it seems good so far ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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