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    Hi am looking to sell my CNC router parts.
    I have 3 servo drives with matched motors 1.5kw with 110mm frame size http://www.xinje.com/en/ProductView....223&SortID=177

    They have been running my router for 1 year now and work really well. I have another machine running the same drives but with 130 frame motors and ive had that fro 3 years never had any problems.

    I bought this set face to face in China and they are really good quality. I am open to offer for the full set of three. I do have another as well so in total 4 sets but the 4th set is brand new.

    The drives can accept a wide range of inputs including step directions as well ad differential. They can also accept analogue drive as well.

    These would be perfect for a Bridgeport mill conversion and be really accurate as they have 2500ppr encoders so closed loop.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    What kind of price you looking for Pete?

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    I may also be interested in some, price pending.

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