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    Wal, a thing of beauty!

    You probably know this, but woodcuts are usually done on end-grain blocks, typically maple or boxwood, which can take a fine line. There are also quasi-synthetic versions such as Resingrave. I believe that you can also use MDF at least for test cuts to get the image right, and probably use something like PVA or dry-rot cure resin to stabilise the surface. Lawrence seems to be the preferred supplier.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for that additional info - I'm vaguely aware of the end-grain blocks, although that's a slightly different approach to what I'm currently up to. The end-grain blocks are more suited to the more detailed style of wood engraving as opposed to woodcutting - I'm not at that level just yet - just exploring the more accessible woodcut process - probably a good thing too - the prices of those blocks over on the Lawrence site..!

    There's a bit more info on the differences between the two techniques here:

    Some beautiful wood engraving work out there!


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