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    Because I feel like an utter fool.

    I bought a chinese 6040 from ebay (german seller).

    And boy have I had a time getting it to run. I've got it in a place now where I can run code, but the axis stutters.


    Could someone help me figure out what's up?

    I've read on here that these machines only work with the re-skinned chinese version of Mach 3, whereas I downloaded it from the vendor (hobbyist licence).

    Right now I don't mind if it takes redoing the whole thing from scratch, I've had enough.

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    Don't be too hard on your self there are many more who have done the same with same results.!

    Ok well the video doesn't help much. I'm hoping the sound is exagerated due to being filmed on a phone because if not then you have other issues to address.? As in why does it sound like coal train.!!

    Regards Mach3 then it's not true that these machines will only work on Re-skinned version. Mach3 doesn't use skins and provided you know or can workout the pin configurations for drives, limits etc then will work with just about any machine. The problems are more to do with the fact the chinese are using a Old Copied version of Mach3 which is known to be bad.
    There are a few Chinese machines which use a USB controller which does require a Plug-in to work with mach3(As does every other external controller). These can give you trouble if they only work with early versions of mach3. In this case you have to download the relavant version from Artsofts FTP download site.
    This said you have movement so must have a Plug-in if using USB.

    To help more we need more information about your setup. Provide plenty of pics.
    Post the Mach3 XML file your using. You'll find it in the Mach3 folder with same name as the profile your using with the extension XML. You will have to Zip it up to post it.
    From this we can see your settings which should show if any thing is set wrong in Mach3.

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    It sounds like a coal train as the motor seems to be stepping really fast, then at points it moves fluidly, then goes back to rapid steps, then freezes for a second, then goes back to steps.

    It's horrendous.

    I've had a drink now, but I finish work at 2 tomorrow (then have to weld something for my old man) then will get on to getting as much info as I can about it.

    Also, it's parallel port controlled, not USB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjobs View Post
    It sounds like a coal train as the motor seems to be stepping really fast, then at points it moves fluidly, then goes back to rapid steps, then freezes for a second, then goes back to steps.
    Doesn't look to be stepping very fast in the video. If you can get a picture of the drives in the control box so can see the micro stepping settings then can work out the correct Steps per setting in mach3. Without ensuring this being correct first then no point doing any thing else.

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    I've been here with the same issues as you describe however I am not in a position where I can view your video (at work) the big cause I had with my motors stuttering/jamming and making huge bang noises when moving was that the parallel connection with the PC just could not cope with the signal so was missing steps left right and centre, although an expensive move from myself I brought the UC400 Ethernet adapter and it fixed the issue; other alternatives are the UC100 USB plugin (cheapest option) and UC300 Ethernet.
    However Jazzcnc is very good and helped me as well as others have/are so peace of mind you will find out the issue/s in time and get it working.
    Also the USB plug in that came with my 6040 was a fake and I binned it, the software with it was horrible and Mach3 was pirated, I downloaded the trial version from New fangled solutions web page and started a fresh by deleting what I had from the seller.
    By no means would I say that you should feel foolish with getting the 6040, it will be a learning curve but I'm taking it the positive way now as if it worked from the get go I would probably be none the wiser on how the machine works, how to maintain it what to look out for if any issues etc. and most likely brake it through ignorance of being a plug and play customer with dodgy software/components within a year.
    I hope this helps.


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