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    Finally took the courage and started to cut some wood this evening after so much checking and double checking of a new replacment build.
    Using a CRP2448 with the 2.2kw spindle i did the model in Fusion then output to Mach3.

    I want to cut 'sapele' and i have set a 10mm Bull Nose cutter in an adaptive cut at 8000rpm and 3800mm/min. This seems to be what i keep coming too with various checks.

    So i start the climb cut and it goes down to 10mm doc and as far as i can see 2mm width (although in fusion it says opt load 4mm), it runs sweet along the grain but when it went across it chattered like hell and i had to stop it.

    It may be that i have not secured it absolutely rock solid and its that, but tbh i had got it much more secure than any i have done before due to the nature of the beast i am now using (used a High-z 720 before.)
    Can anyone who may have cut this type of wood before offer any advise please
    thank you malc
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