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    I need help!
    I have the g-code .The machine go from point A to point B following the path(the z axes no mater). I want my machine when he reach point B to go back to point A following the path and to repeat that for 6 time.

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    OK, so what's the question? What do you need help with and what is the problem?

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    I undestand how the machine work.
    Point A X0Y0
    Point B X600Y600 to go back to A X0Y0 easy when are only 3 .points..code line easy

    Point A X0Y0
    Between the points are from start to end 43578 points complicate shape
    Point B X600Y600 from hire to go back (from end to start) through all 43578 to Point A
    Like ping-pong move. ...

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    Draw it in CAD and use CAM!
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Hey man,

    Try this neat little on-line tool:


    Basically it reverses line order - just pay attention to what you're doing... (ie. canned cycles, G02 commands etc. will throw a spanner in the works - this method will only work point to point..!)

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    Thank you Wal ! This is ...

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