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    So I'm on the look out for a 4 x 4 CNC from China. Do you guys have any specific brands or people I should speak to?

    We are a UK based wood machining company and picked up a 1300 x 900 laser machine from HSG. We managed to get a great deal as we brought it direct from the factory. Now we are hoping to do the same to upgrade our Router.

    I fully understand the pitfalls of buying from China. We spent approximately 6 months researching and discussing with various agents and factories. There is a huge difference in build quality, I mean it's absolutely HUGE and we have ended up with a very capable machine, albeit afyer a large amount of work and stress. If we had bought the same machine in the UK it would have cost upwards of 3 times the price so it was a worthwhile investment.

    I would love an 8 X 4 but it would just make the workshop too tight so I think 4 x 4 would be the best option.

    Ideally it would have an auto tool changer as we will use it for sign writing so it saves the hassle of changing over for the fine work.

    It also needs to be able to handle production level work so it has to be accurate and quick. Most of the work will be 2D cutting but I really want to use it for 3D in the future.

    Vacuum table is something we are after.

    We have been looking at the one on the link below but could use some advice if people have had good or bad experiences with specific companies.

    Ask any questions you need to, cheers for the help in advance.

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    Anyone have any ideas? Should I post this in another section?

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    The forum seems a little quite @ the moment,peep's might be on holiday. i am sure someone will chip in later. do you have a budget?
    It's difficult to get an idea of the rigidity as all it says is welded construction, i would be wanting ballscrews on X & Y also.
    Hopefully some one might have some experience of this manufacturers kit and post a reply.

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    Thanks for the reply, I'll just keep coming back to check Then!

    In terms of budget, it's really dependant on what is needed to be spent if I'm honest. I would love to know how decent these 3-5000 machines are when shipped over. Ideally I need something that is fairly turn key to operate. I would love to build one again but sourcing all of the parts will be another learning curve and not sure I have time for it. I might have a look to see if there are any plans out there for a full build but would love to just plug it in and start fettling lol

    We heard alot of horror stories when we purchased the laser machine but eith some checking and alot of effort we did really well out of it.

    Fingers crossed someone might have some info :-)

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    Have another option you might want to look into. There are members of the forum that actually build machines. If you make a post in the freelance jobs and requests section someone might be able to help, there is at least one member that has built some cracking machines for other members of the forum and you would struggle to find anything commercially available at the same quality for the same money.
    Hope this is of some help.
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    Ok Mike I will do that while I'm waiting for some replies. Any threads I should look at first? Cheers for all the help!

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    If you go to this link you will see a couple of finished machines members have built.
    you will find a vertical mounted machine there that might be of interest and will also help with your space issue. should be possible for you to get a larger machine in your facility.
    There is also a link to Boyans build.
    The build log section has loads of machines but would take a lot of time ingesting, if you get a reply from a build request you will be able to specify exactly what you want.

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    Hi SweetAs

    To add to Mike's comments then I would say most of the regular members on here are self builders (myself included), with a few business owners, so you might have to wait a while for some help to your original post.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    Afternoon guys, apologies for not coming back to you. Things have been manic in the workshop!

    Some of those machines look amazing! Originally I wanted a turn key option but I'm quite liking the look of the builds. I've built smaller versions of this sort of thing before, I heavily modded the Shapeoko design and built that from scratch, I know it obviously doesn't come close to what some guys are building but I imagine the basics are the same or am I kidding myself?

    Can you recommend any builds or planes with a BOM so I can figure out what I would need?

    In terms of machining plywood and MDF, would an ally Frame work or would I need to go to steel? Ideally I would like to be cutting 12-18mm MDF in a couple of passes.

    Feel free to tell me if I'm dreaming by the way but if you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome!

    Thanks for all the help guys!
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    If you have had a look @ Boyans yellow machine this is steel construction and i do believe he was making the construction files free to forum members, there are files for a lot of the components that can be plasma cut. LINK IN THREAD
    Niel's vertical machine
    Not sure if JAZZCNC Dean is snowed under with work but i would drop him a PM and have a crack he should be able to give you an idea of what can done and a good estimate of the cost if he is unable to help @ this time.
    Steel frame is going to work out cheaper if you can turn your hand to a bit of welding.
    hope that helps.
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