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    A warm hello to everyone, another newbie.
    running small business gunsmithing and stock making out in the sticks in norfolk, been using manual machines 30 years but just made the move into the light with our first cnc a Haas TM1 with 1CNC cad cam,WOW.
    It's going to be a hell of a trip I guess I will craze the hell out of everybody with what might well seem dumb questions, no cnc experience so please be patient.

    Cheers Gary

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    Hi Gary

    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome :wave:

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    I have a stockmaking job on my one day list. I found pics of an arquebus, rather surprised because I thought they were all gone, the stock is all flowing curves so I can cnc it nil problemo. In a moment of madness I had a tube drilled and honed, it's not a barrel blank it's just a pipe. I have to turn it on 3 centres because it is more than a bit weird.


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