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  1. OK gents, I hear you! Dang, y'all are making me spend more money! Ha! I'm a bit afraid of epoxy since it's out of my wheel house. Does anyone have a simple tutorial for using epoxy to do some leveling?
    I think I'm going to give these a whack:

    Wish me luck! Video to come.
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  2. Well folks, I ordered the linear rails and have a line on the proper epoxy. Today I'm going to do a few more welding practice runs before I actually weld the end plates onto the steel beam. I'll let you know how she turns out.
    Thanks again for all of your help!
    Check out my DIY CNC trials and tribulation videos on YouTube:

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    Sorry to jump onto this thread but I was looking at the same thing.....

    I was thinking of using c-beam with 4x2x1.5mm box section with welded ends in each beam and using 2x of them. So the beam would be basically 80x80mm all bolted together.

    My other thought was maybe 3x 8020 v slot bolted together.

    My design was also to use 15mm aluminium to keep the weight down but I may consider steel now....

    I am making a hybrid router plasma, well designing atm so I need speed too...

    I am too designing with a vslot aluminium rails and wheels but am considering linear rails now on steal also...

    Budget is a massive consideration too.



    Ps I posted the same on openbuilds site...

  4. Howdy, no problem Mike.
    If you're only plasma cutting, an aluminum extrusion machine is most likely plenty strong enough since there are no real forces at work on the moving cutter, only slinging around the weight of the cutting head itself. It's when you start applying the forces from a rotating spindle head on wood or metal that rigidity becomes critical as I'm sure you know.
    Good luck!
    Check out my DIY CNC trials and tribulation videos on YouTube:

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