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    I’m on my second build for routing wood, plastics and occasionally alu. Will be using geared nema 24 steppers on 4 axis, 2.2kw spindle, Mach 3 etc.

    I currently use a geck540, which is great but i’m seeing cheaper/ different alternatives, like the kit thats on ebay at the moment for 4 pcs nema 24 and M542T drivers that the same price all together as the gecko just on its own.

    What would be a suitable alternative to my Gecko?

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  2. Okay,

    First question is this machine Hobby, Semi-Hobby (you are going to be making your own commercial items on it, but not full time business), Semi-Business (it needs to earn it's way and might do client work on it), to Business? Because as you go down the road of less cost on your drivers you increase the risk of issues with the drives and how sensitive they are to noise. That and how well they will handle the power (with current being the bigger part of the issue) that is needed to get truly smooth motion and control out of the drivers.

    The answers above will give you about 80% of your answer below. i went the cheaper route to start with and it cost me a good bit of business in the beginning a lesson that I would prefer other don't repeat (it get's expensive and regaining trust is not easy in the business world). So the answer is it depends, what is the use of the machine?

    CAD software Shark Pro v10, Also Aspire v9.0
    CAM Software Aspire v9.0, CamBam v1 beta12
    CNC Machine: http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/3661-...Second-machine
    3D printers: 2 x Prusa MK2S soon to be 2.5's and 1 x mini Delta (180 x 180)
    Work with Solid Surfaces, Acrylics, Woods, Foamboard, PLA, ASA, PMMA
    Work Computer: Lenovo D20, K4000, Tesla C2070, 64GB RAM


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    This would be classed as a Semi-Business machine build. I'm not concerned about the rapids speed or volume this machine can do but its consistent accuracy.

    The use of the machine is to carve 3D protype models in milling composite, wood and foamboard. It'll actually be an XYZ with a AB head on a deep Z axis. It also needs to carve positive and negative forms as molds. I'm expecting to be able to switch the AB head out to put in a regular 2.2kw spindle for milling some smaller aluminium parts.
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    Purchased a set of 2DM556 so going down the digital route :)

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