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    I was hopeing some one might be abel to tell me what new stepper motors i need for a Denford triac so i can up date it all iv got the machine all ready and now need to make a start on my shoping list. is the link below a good start on what i need will they fit in the hole? Sorry to be green this is my first step in to this


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    Triacs have 34 size motors and normally 10mm shafts but I have seen a couple on 8mm shafts.
    John S -

  3. Also the motor is round, so if the motor body protrudes through the casing, a square motor may not fit without modification to the machine.

    This is the motor i suggest.

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    Hi John,
    I wondered if you could advise me on the best drivers to use on my Triac. I am replacing all but the power supply and stepper motors.
    All the best
    Dave Mann

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