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    So I purchased a routout 8 x 4 CNC as an obligatory last min late night ebay purchase...

    I was so excited to start cutting random shapes and designing new things, so I built it up (most of it being built already and boom....

    Haven't got a damm idea how to use the thing!

    I have connected most the cables.. seemed to be missing a power supply so I bought one and still... haven't got a clue!

    99% built I have switch it on and nothing other than the box sometimes makes a noise..

    I haven't got a clue on how to use the software.

    Get get it up and running

    how to make a routable image

    So if anyone's in the Sunderland area that's able to help finish it off and show me the ropes

    If you could contact me with a rough price to get it up and running thanks

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